Motra: process-driven Point of Sales system

Motra: process-driven Point of Sales system

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motra-logoMotra was initially developed with the mobile retailing businesses in mind for an effective solution targeting a rather niche industry. Recently Motra has gone through some changes where certain components of Motra has been re-designed to be modular in view of the variability in business processes of other industries.  

Process-driven POS solution

Motra surveryed different mobile retailers in the market to identify best practices whose activities mainly revolves around sale of mobile device, accessories, performing repair and buying back pre-owned handsets. While the cluster of activities may indeed be unique to the industry, individually they may be useful to other industries. Amongst them, is a job module that allows repair processes to be closely monitored for parts utilization, cost computation and staff performance. This also enhance accountability in automobile repair processes where costly components are utilized over the course of repair. The pre-installed modules include workflow for buy-back, job, package, scheduling and rental on top of the standard goods and service transaction on regular system.  

Unique entity inventory management

Another unique aspect lies in the inventory management. In most cases, homogeneous product (like how one bottle of water is not too different from the next) is grouped by a single SKU, bigger ticket items like phones are treated as a unique SKU with their individual ID number. For example, if your shop is carries 10 units Iphones 6 plus, with each bearing a unique imei number; they are reflected as a group of 10 items by their name and common attributes (harddisk space or even color ). You may also configure the system to average the cost price across this group or simply keeping to their individual original cost price. When you sell or transfer items, you will be required to select specifically the units by the id/imei number unique to the set.  

Infinite possibilities

Motra is built to be future-proof. You will be able to perform your transactions and generate reports in a way unique to your industry through customized modules. If you feel that Motra could be of service to your business, we would like to invite you to experience our product. Kindly drop us an email at to arrange a product demo.
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