How an Integrated POS system can Benefit Secondhand Mobile Dealers

How an Integrated POS system can Benefit Secondhand Mobile Dealers

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According to Deloitte, Singapore has the liveliest used-phone market in the world, with a quarter of all smartphones here eventually sold in the second-hand market. However, secondhand mobile dealers often face the hassle when dealing with customers in terms of:  trade-in-doc

1. Trade-in Documentation

Customers trading in their used phones often need to present their photo IDs and signatures as proof-of-sale. The number of trade-ins a business deals with can be overwhelming during peak periods; papers tend to pile up, leading to messy documentation that can be damaged or misplaced.
By digitizing customers’ information, photo IDs, and signatures, businesses can eliminate the use of physical documentation, easing the process of buying-back a phone, automatically pushing the bought-back item to your inventory. This leads to improved accountability, allowing for quick and easy information retrieval when documents need to be traced.

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2. Repairs Management

Employees may encounter difficulties in tracking the levels of consumables needed and the status of each repair job. Without an efficient repairs management system, secondhand mobile dealers may find it difficult to monitor the status, throughput time, and delivery of the jobs undertaken. A system that is able to track different jobs simultaneously provides dealers with an overview of the repair jobs in progress, allowing them to assess performance and compute margins.


3. Inventory Management

Without real time access to information, it will be tedious and time-consuming for employees to keep track of their purchases and sales, monitor the consumption rates and place timely orders. By eliminating manual inventory management, tracking the movement of inventory is simplified. Inventory information can be easily retrieved when needed, improving employee productivity and accountability for your system.

The varied processes and documentation a dealer has to manage may be distracting at times is , hence hindering their ability to focus on revenue generation. Dealers looking for an integrated POS system will be able to streamline their work processes, minimize costly human errors and improve productivity and efficiency in their business.

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