Reaching Out to Your Customers in The Face of DNC Implementation

Reaching Out to Your Customers in The Face of DNC Implementation

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Are you facing difficulties reaching out to customers who have not given you the permission to contact them through marketing calls and SMSes? Many business marketing activities remained affected since the DNC implementation in early 2014. Being unable to reach out to your potential customers may be the biggest challenge for your business during this festive season.



Revise your business process and create opportunities for your customers to give you permission for contacting them on promotion activities. For example, by offering an e-receipt option, customers are more likely to share personal contact information. Getting permission to contact them on promotional activities would become easier once you do so. Besides informing your customers about future promotions, you will be able build a two-way relationship with them by personalizing content.



The cost of acquiring new customer ranges from 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing one. Instead of constantly finding new ways to acquire new customers, why not leverage on existing customers. The introduction of a referral reward system will allow your business to gain access to new customer data. Marketing messages from referral marketing tends to be more targeted, as people know the preferences of their family and friends better.


Rated as one of the most active social media consumers in the world, Singapore has the second highest social penetration rate with 59%. The best way to acquire customers through social media is to run engagement campaigns through contest or giveaways. Running a contest is an exciting and fun way to get more attention and spark interest among consumers. Therefore, this allows you to collect their personal information for future marketing purposes.

With that said, to gather customer’s transaction history, demographics and other relevant information is not an easy task. One way to efficiently do so would be the adoption of an integrated system that has the above mentioned functions. Personal data of customer is highly sensitive; ensure that your business adopts PDPA compliant processes and not risk paying a hefty fine handling such data.

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