E-commerce and Online Marketing

Global e-commerce is a 1.6 trillion dollar industry in 2015. Retail stores are pulling shutters up while online business bloom and flourish in recent years. Whether you are looking to expand your market presence or starting up, we can guide you through the necessary steps to reach your customers online.

Know your objectives and select the right channel

E-commerce site

With your own dedicated e-commerce site, you can list all your products and develop a strong consistent brand image. If you are confident of generating traffic to your website, this may be the ideal solution to sell your products online.


If you are just starting up, you may like to leverage on the traffic volume of established players. Be it listing on marketplaces like Lazada, Qoo10 or even Taobao, you can easily reach out to millions of customers. Chances are, you will find many other sellers selling comparable products at competitive prices. To do well, you need to find a niche where you can do better than the others.

Affiliate marketing

Work with other star sellers, celebrity bloggers by listing your products with them. Commissions chargeable to you may easily range from 20-50% or even incur fixed listing fees.  While this may be a costly option, some of them do boast credible sales record or referrals.

How can we help?

Besides recommending the best channels that cater to the needs of your business, we also undertake the development work and listing services on our network of e-commerce channels.

E-commerce site development

We have developed a simple google spreadsheet management method to power your e-commerce site which may possibly be the simplest method available to update your listings. Alternatively, if your website tends to be heavier on content, we would recommend going with WordPress as your CMS.  

Product listing

marketplaceWe can boost your products sales by listing it across major marketplaces in different geographical markets instantly via our affiliate accounts and reaching out to millions of international shoppers.    
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