Point of Sales and Analytics

Whether you are looking for a POS for your new store or restaurant, we will be able to advise you on the first step forward. Choice of POS is amongst the first and possibly the most important business system you are investing in. Take some time to do your research to find out what system works best for your business process. Alternatively, you may talk to us to learn about our solutions. We also provide the entire system setup from network access, hardware provision to software training.

Supercharge your business with Cloud based POS


Real-time business insights

Insights to customer activities, inventory, sales revenue and staff performance can be valuable in making business decisions. Low on inventory or running a targeted marketing campaign? Make more informed business decisions with Motra real-time business analytics.

Modular and Connected

Select targeted modules to ease usage and relevance to your business. You may choose your preferred hardware, number of terminals to optimize your workflow or do way with hardware under space constraints using email receipts. With everything sync over the cloud, it also becomes a breeze to change the configurations of the POS setup.  

Extensive Addons

Is your POS futureproof? Can your POS allow easy customization of new business processes? Cloud based POS grows with the market. There is no need to upgrade, it evolves through time with your business and new features works right out of the box with updates pushed periodically- remotely.

How can we help?

Whatever your business may be, adopting the system meeting the targeted workflow of your business will greatly enhance productivity and insights to your business performance. Let us guide you on the getting the right system for your business.

Motra : Process-driven Point of Sales


POS system is much more than just a register to record sales. Motra is an integrated workflow solution with modularized Point-Of-Sale components designed for a wide range of business processes.

Pre-installed processes include repair, rental, package and buy back on top of the goods and services transaction workflow. These processes can also digitally archive documents, signatures so as to remain compliant where required easily. The Inaugural IRAS hackathon “Best Startup” award winner also helps taxpayers understand their tax obligations better through a series of automated reminders and guided filing instructions.

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